Disclosure of Transfers of Values to Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations

As a member of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), Servier fully supports the objectives of the Disclosure Code. We believe this Code will contribute to provide a better insight on the long established relationship between healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies for the improvement of patient care.

The Disclosure Initiative is part of our company’s commitment to transparency.

What is the EFPIA Disclosure Code?

Healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies collaborate on many projects essential for research, development and access to the market of new medicines. These interactions are complex. This is why, day after day; communication initiatives are developed to improve transparency.

To foster a better understanding of how these collaborations work and why interaction with the medical community is a necessity, pharmaceutical companies, under the new EFPIA code of conduct, have committed themselves to publish their interactions with healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations.

This self-regulatory approach initiated by the industry at the European level has been taken on by national associations and adapted to each country’s local specificities.

More information on the different aspects of the EFPIA Disclosure Initiative can be found on www.efpia.eu

Servier and the Disclosure Code

Servier is proud of the relationship it has developed over the years with the medical community. We collaborate on a range of activities from clinical research to sharing best clinical practices. This collaboration is aimed at benefiting patients.

Through this relationship, Servier can for example:

  • Shape its future research programmes based on the scientific and medical expert opinion of healthcare professionals to target unmet medical needs for patients;
  • Understand how a medicine would be used in clinical practice to provide the right information, education and training to healthcare professionals;
  • Ensure the best outcomes for patients.

Ensuring that the medical community is well informed of the objectives and implications of the Disclosure Code was crucial to the success of this transparency initiative. We informed each healthcare professional we work with about the commitments of the Disclosure Code and about their rights in this respect. The disclosure of payment information is nominative only when consent is granted by healthcare professionals. When consent is not granted by the healthcare professional, payment information is disclosed in aggregate.

Country Disclosures

In the next section, you will find access to the information disclosed by Servier according to the EFPIA Disclosure Initiative.

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