Servier-Ruijin Talent Development and Scientific Exchanges



On 14 September 2012, Professor Zhu Zhenggang (朱正), President of Ruijin Hospital in Shanghai, and Dr Jean-Philippe Seta, CEO of Servier, signed a 3-year friendship and cooperation program “Servier-Ruijin Talent Development and Scientific Exchanges.”

The program took effect on October 1st, 2012 for a period of 3 years until September 30th, 2015. Servier China is contributing RMB 1 000 000 (over USD 150 000), adding up to a total of RMB 3 000 000 (USD 475 000) over the 3 years of the program, to provide medical training in France and French language courses for Ruijin clinical doctors or researchers in the fields of cardiovascular diseases, endocrinology, psychiatry, nephrology, and pharmacology, and to enable them to attend international scientific congresses in France. The program will also invite French doctors for lectures and scientific communications at Ruijin Hospital.

Dr Jean-Philippe Seta has been made an Honorary Doctor by Professor Zhu Zhenggang, a title that qualifies him for medical duties at Ruijin Hospital.Servier and Ruijin enjoy a longstanding friendship, dating back to 1989, when Servier CEO Jean-Philippe Seta paid the first of many visits to Ruijin Hospital. Over the years, several projects have been sponsored by Servier, as exemplified by the scholarships in France for researchers from Ruijin Hospital Sino-French Research Center for Life Sciences and Genomics.

Ruijin Hospital (瑞金医院), affiliated to the School of Medicine of Shanghai Jiaotong University (上海交通大学医学院), has historical ties to French Jesuit missionaries in China. It was founded in 1907 by two French doctors and 8 missionary nurses as a 55-bed hospital. Today Ruijin is one of China’s leading state-of-the-art general hospitals with over 1600 beds and 3000 staff and a solid international reputation. Since the Hospital’s foundation, the link with France has always been preserved, and today, a curriculum in French, taught by a Chinese and French faculty, is available to Chinese students at its School of Clinical Medicine. Ruijin Hospital offers many training opportunities in France for its medical staff, as well as hands-on training opportunities for French doctors at the Hospital. The current “Servier-Ruijin Talent Development and Scientific Exchanges” program is expected to give fresh impetus to the friendship between Ruijin Hospital and Servier, and further enhance the mutual understanding between the Chinese and French medical communities.